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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  August 10, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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storms are moving up and down, there are delays at the airport, even some cancellations. doug kammerer is tracking the radar, ready with the latest. >> doreen, watching that radar, you can sell really for us, the only storm we're watching is up near frederick county. the rest of the area, we are dry, this is very good news. the rain we saw earlier today, the cloud cover we saw up until about 1:00, 2:00, that has put a damper on our threat. we do need to see the rain. let's take a look. you can see this storm right here, making its way toward the thurmont area. watch out for this storms. there's also lightning and very heavy rain. as we widen out, you can see numerous showers and storms off to our west, but once again it will take time to built in. by the time they get here, the
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sun will be going down. i do expect to see some showers. but that could be about it. one again that's very good news out there. as far as our temperatures go, we're currently sitting at 88. that's the high temperature so far today. winds out of the southwest at 12 miles per hour. if you're heading out this evening, good idea to maybe take that umbrella. we'll talk about more about tomorrow and who has the best chance in just a bit. >> doug, thank you. there is a developing story out of the dulles airport this evening, two planes clipped each other. erika gonzalez is at the airport with the latest. erika? >> reporter: they say it is lovett tansa's airlines fault. it happened just a few hours ago. the latest information is that passengers from both planes had to be -- or both aircraft had to
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be deplaned. you're talking about 250 people more or less. the united express plane was arrives, but the lufthansa was en route to frankfurt, germany, carrying about 200 passengers. they're in waiting. maintenance crews are examining the damage. they're trying to figure out whether or not this plane can still head out to germany or not. no telling how long this will take. one man tells us his plane to north carolina was canceled because of the collision, and he describes the plane's damages to us. >> it looked like on the tail there was a piece cracked out, almost like a tin -- piece of a tin can had been torn up. it was kind of weird-looking. >> reporter: the faa and ntsb are examining this incident, no telling, however, how long this inspection could take place on this airplane. the good news we have to report is that no injuries -- we are told of no injuries, however.
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mitt romney kicking off an important weekend. julie carey joins us now with more on that, an how the democrats also plan to spread their message. >> most polls show mitt romney slightly behind president obama in the commonalwealth, but democrats are on the move also. the welcome signs are already out in old-town manassas, with the pavilion being set up. mada wills ton was staffing a tent there. she says she'll stop by the rally. >> i've not been able to gauge who the man is, exactly. he doesn't come across as very personable. >> reporter: about this manassas man says he's already sold. >> he looks strong, successful. >> reporter: better connecting
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with virginiaens, as he lays out his plans, is an important part of the tour. >> one of the things the romney campaign needs to work on is a way to humanize, to make romney more relatable to order nair voters. that's a big challenge. we'll see in virginia whether the retool campaign is very effective to do that. >> this bus created by the democratic national committee wrapped with a slogan reading romney economics, the middle class under the bus. it started out in alexandria today. the battleground states set for romney's tour. >> we're going to make sure he doesn't get a free ride when he rolls into these towns and they states, and you know, distorts the president's record. >> the communications director calls the bus a gimmick. >> if anybody has thrown middle-collar americans under
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the bus, it's president obama. >> reporter: political insiders are watching to see if this tour will bring an announcement about a running meat. mate. >> all good news comes through boston. >> reporter: the governor will be at all of mitt romney's stops. it begins just after 4:00 tomorrow asp. president obama return last night from colorado. tonight he's hosting a dinner marking ramadan, known as iftar. this is a tradition started by president clinton, and continued by president bush. iftar is the evening meal that breaks the fast, eaton right after sunset. an apartment fire forced dozens of people out of their homes in northwest d.c. this morning. that fire broke out about 3:00 this morning at the hampton
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court apartments on new hampshire avenue. a few apartments were damaged. the other tenants had a tough time escape from the building. the hall weis were choking on the smokes. members say they will rebuild their church. it was destroyed yet. about 4:30, a fire spread through the 100-year-old church. no one was inside at the time. the inside of the church suffered extensive smoke and water damage, but two bibles remained impact. church members are calls that divine intervention. >> the firemen came out and said here is your bible, we were able to save the bible off a table.
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>> this is you're community church. >> fire officials say the fire appears to have started in the rear of the church. there are just two more days of the competition at this year's olympics. this is a live look from london. you're looking inside the olympic flame. tonight more medals are on the line on the track. last night's medalists are still the talk of the town. hi, mark. >> reporter: good evening. still several medals up for grabs, including ones this weekend for the u.s. women's basketball team and volley ball team. meanwhile, another team is savoring the golden moment. >> still lloyd. >> a victory lap for the u.s. soccer women, this 9 day after their history-making third gold medal.
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>> just felt real, felt honest and can only hope to do another one. >> a clarissa shields taunted, pup meld and defeated a russian boxer nearly twice her age for an olympic medal. >> it feels unreal, but i worked real hard to get here. >> reporter: along with the celebrations, sanctions, an italian racewalker was declared ineligible, and the ioc form stripped tyler hamilton. >> the decision has been made just for legal niceties and courtesies, we will be contacting -- we have sent a letter to the athlete involved. >> reporter: in competition, american steven and diana lopez were eliminated in tae kwon do, both fighting with previous injuries. the two, along with brother mark, have five olympic medals dating back to the 2000 games in
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sydney when tae kwon do was introduced. >> it's just bad luck. >> reporter: if there's sadness, there's joy in defeat. athletes have broken into dance and other spontaneous demonstrations of what it is like to be an olympic champion. and we could see the men's basketball team dancing on sunday, they are earned a spot by polishing off argentina a short time ago. coming up tonight in primetime, action on the track, the men's 4 x 400 relay, as well as south africa with that you are tunnel amputee, oscar pill toreius, the blade runner running. here's a look at some of the events airing on nbc4 primetime
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tonight. the women go for the gold, the men in the 4 x 400 relay, a winner is decided for women's and men's bmx cycling, and david a budaya tonight. police officers from california are looking into the murder of a man from maryland. they found dwight henri dead in torrance, california. his family here in laurel, maryland want answers. richard jordan has talk to the rely it was. >> reporter: 45-year-old dwight henri killed in a brutal struggle, the jamaican native found dead in may, thousands of miles from his laurel home in a backseat of a white chevy blazer parked in a parking lot in los angeles county. police don't know why he was in california, so they have come to investigate. his grieving family is at a
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loss, turning to his faith and comforting his six children. >> live is not the same anymore, you know? we're living in a different world all of a sudden. >> reporter: the l.a. county cops aren't just meeting with the victim's family. police coming a long distance trying to get information, and they are hoping perhaps the answer from in murder mystery will come from the soccer field. >> apparently he's popular in the soccer community out here in maryland. we're hoping he might have told some friends why he was going to california. >> we just have a feeling that somebody knows. >> but the grieving relatives believe the information to solve the murder is a phone call away. >> anyone who has any information can shed light on this evil, this wicked act, we're asking you to just come
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forward. >> he didn't ask people for anything. all he did was give. just give him peace. let hem rest in peace. >> in laurel, richard jordan, news4. there are new and disturbing claims about a virginia man, accused of molesting children. his name is elwood louie thomas. the happy land daycare used to run out of that house. a 14-year-old said thomas repeatedly molested her several years ago. now investigators are looking into similar reports from other kids. police arrested thomas in june. next on "news4 at 6," a lone gunman causes u.s. casualties in afghanistan. will mitt romney make his choice for a running mate? immediate david gregory gives us his opinion when he joins us next. gabby douglas' hometown mays tribute. and rg3's first game is in
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the books.
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dozens of people will hold a candlelight vigil at a sikh temp in silver spring. hundreds paid respects for the six worshippers who were killed.
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attorney general holder and governor scott walker spoke at the memorial. the gunman was michael page. he killed himself after officers shot him. an afghan police officers shot and killed three u.s. marines. they were helping the officers training. this is the third time in a week that afghan forces have attacked coalition security forces. nbc news's jim miklaszewski has a report on "nightly news." this is a big weekend for mitt romney as he travels through virginia. >> there is speculation, of course that romney will name his running mate very soon. "meet the press" moderator david gregory is joining us. important for each candidate equally? >> no question. too different to call.
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this is an o -- a state that romney would like to turn. quhs why the president is campaigning so much, so an intense focus and difficult to call. >> the latest polls seem to give the president the edge, but does that matter? >> his people will tell you they're not looking at anything like that and taking it too positively. the race is too volatile and fundamentally too close. romney folks actually say some of the same things, but we're seeing not just in virginia, but other battlegrounds that the president is edging ahead. that is where things are headed. how about the vice presidential pick? just two weeks to go until the convention. a lot of pressure on mitt romney. >> he could name a pick tomorrow unless he doesn't. [ laughter ] which is -- >> what are you hearing? >> well, you know, a lot of the smart money is probably the middle of next week, get through the olympics, begin that ramp-up to the republican convention.
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i think that's most likely what's going to happen. there's so much i think the big story today is how much pressure there is within the belt wei and within conservative circles to take a hard look at paul ryan and do something bolder here to move the election, which romney's going to have to start doing, as people start to pay attention. >> it seems most likely that romney will make a pick before the convention gets under way? >> absolutely. i think traditionally that's the case. he wants that second stream of messaging, and really wants to grab people as they're starting to pay attention. >> you have one of the candies or alleged candies on the show i want he's a finalist -- unless he's not. tim pawlenty through reporting we know he's getting a close look. it's such a close process, but former minnesota governor, working-class appeal, and i'll ask him. >> i've got to ask you something. does it really matter that much who a candidate names as his
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vice president? >> i think that we tend to put more 30r7bs on it than it's due. i think it signals this is a presidential-level decision and the first one we see a candidate make. so i think it does matter, but not since lbj have you really seen a candidate that can turn an election by turning a key state. that said, the vp is a very important position, knolls at ceremonial as it used to be. >> thank you very much, david. and "meet the press" airs at a special time, sunday more at 9:00. >> i thought maybe you were on at midnight too, like us. >> he's a few pay grades positive that. >> he gets the early slot. so we've got some real stormy weather hovering around? >> a couple, but not really. this will be the good news. we're looking at the potential for a big-time stormy day. i don't think wee seal many storms at all.
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good news for you. take a look out there right now, and you can see some clouds right know. part partly cloudy skies, 88 degrees the highs today. that's the current temperature. and take a look at this. this 88, the first day this month we've been below 90. we have seen 90 degrees or higher ten straight days, and something like 14 of the last 15 straight days, so a good thing we're finally beloaned that 90 degree market. and the rain we saw earlier this morning. humid yesterday a little warm and humid, but once again, not a bad evening.
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one shower is dying out. these storms were severe earlier, no longer severe thunderstorm warning associated with it. and as we widen out here, there are more storms back to the west. this is where we are looking for these storms to develop. if we did not have the cloud cover earlier today, we would see storms all lined up here if we hit 90 or 94 degrees. we had that heat here, and no problem for those storms to develop, but because of the clouds, because of the rain we saw earlier, we did not see that. the rain we saw earlier, now up around boston. they are seeing some big-time rains with flash flooding. they have a tornado watch in effect for the boston area -- with this little storm right here, look at that curvature. it's interesting to see exactly what they're going to see. but from us, we're seeing the cloud cover, once again the clouds helping to keep our severe threat down, but we'll
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wait for the west, the areas to the west to move on through here. stormy, not really, mostly down to the south, well up to the north and east. tomorrow our frontal boundary moves through. if you live along the chesapeake, you're going down toward the beaches, best chance will be there for you to the west. if you're going back to the mountains, i say plenty of sunshine, so much nicer day back to the west. on sunday, everybody sees nice weather, and we get sunshine too, so country looking pretty good. for most of us should be pretty nice as well. this evening, partly cloudy, looking good for the next few hours, a few late storms, so still a good idea to take the umbrella. if you hear thunder, make sure you get indoors, temperatures in the upper 70s to the lower 80s. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, temperatures 68 to about 76, as we move on through the next 24 hours, i do think we'll see some
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possible showers down to the south and east. that's really about it. temperatures about 85 to 89 degrees, so a fairly nice one, especially for you folks out to the west. the four-day forecast showing 88 on sunday, 90 on monday, with low humidity, chance of storms back on tuesday. the next seven days fairly tranquil, and we do need to see some rain, but we'll take that forecast any day. >> and sunday and monday sure look good. >> yes, they do. somebody is torching brand-new playgrounds in fairfax county. and you talk about terror. how about treading water for 20 hours with a shark circling hours wii got the chanceing to start my own business.
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i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance.
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our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. blazing fast internet. the best tv picture quality. but you're still sitting on the fence. so they're making it as easy as possible. now, you can switch to fios without an annual contract. they'll even set up your whole home and give you upgraded equipment, free for six months so call or go online today. this is way better than sitting on a fence. [ male announcer ] get the fios triple play now with no annual contract and get everything you need to set up your whole home free for 6 months. now's the best time to switch to life on fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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maryland state senators spent a second day debating a measure to expand gambling in the state. after voting on several amendments, derrick ward reports that the measure has cleared its first hurdle. >> reporter: day 2 of the special session on the maryland gambling bill saw debate on the senate floor after that body's budget and tax committee passed it on thursday. a number of amendments were floated such as a republican-backed effort to do away with the bill's ban on political contributions from gaming interests. that was among the defeated
6:27 pm
amendments. across hat in the house, the republican leader is among those not fond of being here, like this under the circumstances this is a horrible process to make public policy in. it's rushed. it's pressure filled. people are cutting deals, because they know the powers that be want to get this done at all costs and get people out of here. so it's a bad way to make sausage. >> others are making a pragmatic approa approach. >> we're going to produce a work product, which we can all be proud of, and we'll see where it goes from there. >> i've been opposed to gambling since 2002. the citizens of the state have overridden my opinion, and that is why we're here where we are now. >> reporter: he is still undecided about how he will ultimately vote. as a bill got a hearing, more concern over the hold harmless clause aimed leveling the odds as new ones in baltimore and
6:28 pm
prince george's county would open. again there was a showing of opponents to the bill and the concept of more gaming all together, but the legislation has cleared its first hurdle, and at the county level. >> we passed a council resolution back in 2011 when i first got there that said whatever we do, make sure we send it to the voters, and we support that ever. >> reporter: lawmakers have not ruled out working on the weekend, and they say the special session could go well into early next week. in annapolis, derrick ward news4. starts at 10:00 tonight until 4:00 monday morning, the east and westbound ramps from i want-66 to southbound fairfax county park wei will be closed for paving. it's part of the ongoing interchange project. the southbound fairfax county park wei will be doubt to one
6:29 pm
way. there's a call to raise the speed limit on the little used i., counter c. ike leggett says drivers should take the opportunity to go at a faster safe speed. it connections i-95 and prince george's county in montgomery county. they say the road was designed to handle the top speed of 60 miles an hour. as a cross-country investigation to find out who murdered a father of six children from maryland. the body of 45-year-old dwight henri turned up in an suv in southern california back in may. today police from the los angeles county police department of in our area looking for clues on what henri was doing out on the west coast. police say henri was brutally
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beaten. the 135-year-old church had extensive damage. nothing was hurt. some alarm at dulles international airport. the wing of a lufthansa jet chipped the tail section of a united express commuter plane. nobody was injured. all the passengers have been taken off those planes and put onto other flights. two playground fires in the burke neighborhood. now residence wonder if the latest fire was arson as well. tracee wilkins talked to neighbors in the community. they are looking for answers. this is carolina's favorite way to swing, belly down, feet up. she prefers the big-girl swings. >> a bunch of mothers got together, me included, to try to plan how we could update these
6:31 pm
playgrounds. >> reporter: after raising thousands of dollars through the homeowners association and going through two years of planning and permits, the lake braddock community association put in three new playgrounds. then this happened last night. fire officials say they were called here to the playground just for 1:00 a.m. because of report of it being engulfed. the swings are all that's left of this $30,000 play area. what's most frustrating is this is not the first time this has happened. in fact in june, residence had another playground on fire. that one was purposely set. fire investigators found their suspect. >> we charged a juvenile with that fire about a week ago. it happened in june about two months ago. >> this was the first playground burned. only the sliding board was damaged. fire officials say the juvenile who is facing felony charges for purposely setting this fire
6:32 pm
lives in this community. >> our reaction was just how could this happen? we felt like burke is such a quiet, laid-back family community. we thought who could have done that? >> reporter: now there's another fire to investigate. the cause has not been determined, but whether it's ruled arson or accidental, carolina's reaction best sums up the feeling in this community. >> it's broken. >> it's broken. yeah, it burned. >> reporter: while fire investigators work to try to figure out if this fire was set on purpose, folks who live in this community are being proactive. they're putting up signs in the hopes of someone coming forward if they saw anything that could be helpful in this investigation. in burke, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. members of the lake braddock community association are worried about what will mean for their insurance costs.
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a special graduation today at the university of maryland. university's police department has a new canine team trained exclusively for detecting explosives. four handlers and their dogs completed a rigorous four-month training course. those canine teams will work on an around the college park campus, especially during athletic contests and other activities that draw large crowds. we're told this is the first university police department to employed such units. a lawmaker in montgomery county is ready to pull the plug on pepco. hans riemer says people have dealt with slow storm response long enough. >> storms that sweep through the washington region cause millions of dollars of damages. citizens are taking their anger
6:34 pm
out on pepco. >> i will be installing a generator, because pepco is so unreliable. >> reporter: many citizens want tougher regulations and other utilities. some say they may favor taking over the utility business itself. on the wamu 88.5 politics hour on friday -- >> i support that, it is a good idea. it would save residents tens of millions. the problem is it would most likely require legislation through the entire state legislature, so that would mean that the leadership in the senate and the house would block it. >> reporter: riemer says citizens shouldn't just be angry at pepco, but statewide officials and the legislature who are too easy on the utilities. >> we have to look into the 2014 elections and clear commitments. we have to across the board keep the pressure on.
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>> reporter: pepco officials contend they have stepped up their storm preparation and prevention efforts. they say they are making progress and limiting future power outages, and speeding up response to the ones that do occur. tom sherwood, news4. the maryland public service commission says it has stepped up the regulatory pressure on pepco because of the outages. coming up next, a trip to the beach lands one of the top mafia men behind bars. and a fisherman's tale,
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the director of willie wonka and the chocolate factory has died at his home. mel stewart's family says he died of melanoma. he produced and directed more than 180 films. in addition to the classic children's film, he was also an award-winning documentary filmmaker. his 1964 documentary about the assassination of president john f. kennedy jr. was nominated for an oscar. this is not for the faint-hearted to watch, a scene that could have come out of "jaws" a stranded fisherman, floating in the ocean with a shark circling nearby.
6:39 pm
the poor guy had been treading water off the coast of australia for about 20 hours after his boat sank on thursday. a news helicopter spotted him, along with a hammerhead shark circling about 60 feet away. the dramatic rescue unfolded on live tv and radio. crews plucked him out of the water. a 49-year-old man, being treated at the hospital for exposure. one fisherman is still missing. another of his includings did not survive. an accused mafia kingpin had his summer vacation interrupted rather rudely. this is surveillance video of officers moving in on rho berto matellone. husband what on a beach in southern italy having a nice time. it all reportedly went down while he was reading a book on how italian police track down mafia members. he is a suspected boss in a mob there. it's said to control 80% of
6:40 pm
italy's drug trafficking. police say he had been on the run for two years. like his book came to life. >> right there before his eyes. we have sports coming up. rocket griffin iii 4 his first taste of nfl action. the nats hitting on all cylinders last night.
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welcome back, everybody,
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taking a look outside, one thing you notice, not a lot of come lul cumulus clouds, what you see here is the stratoform clouds, that means the atmosphere is fairly stable, the rest of the evening i think we'll be looking okay. winds out of the southwest at about 12 miles per hour, a rather nice evening outside. maybe you'll get through the 9:00 hour without seeing rain. 84 in dulles, 84 in reston, and right now 83 in camp springs, out there towards prince george's county. at around 82 degrees. we still have storms to talk about. back towards washington county. in toward the panhandle of west virginia. another storm that's just developed to the west of winchester, and more down to the south. right now not a whole lot going on. you don't see a lot of
6:44 pm
lightning, but we're still watching storms back to the west. this is a severe thunderstorm warning, and these storms are trying to move our direction. we're not out of the woods yet, but for the evening hours, the next couple hours, i think we'll be okay. if you do hear thunder or see lightning, make sure you get inside right away. the best chance of stores will be south and east of washington, down towards southern maryland. 67 in leesburg, 69 in cull beper, not a bad night, but a few showers and few storms tomorrow, highs in the upper 80s, more sunshine to the west, chance of storms out to the east. >> thanks, doug. so we've got the first rg3 game, the first preseason game out of the way. >> absolutely so. he's got that first one under his belt. as a matter of fact, preseason football generally really is
6:45 pm
borg, isn't it? a 7-6 win usually not something you brag about, but when you're rg3 making your pro debut, winning becomes more important. after the game he tweeted, quote -- first nfl win and first nfl touchdown. i know it's preseason, but it still counts. lol. just to let you know, he's looking forward to bigger and bert things. redskins starting off 2012 in buffalo. first good look at robert griffin iii. he went 3 jawed out the first drive. they'll get over that. bills' george wilson recovers, tries to score, but he was ruled down. check out the hustle from rg3, not taking any chances. third drive. hits pierre garcon, that's why we got this guy. first touchdown pass of his career, he finished 4 for, 7 on
6:46 pm
yards, 1 td, which ain't all that bad. some defense now, bills in the red zone, hand-off to tashard choice, the defense all over him. they hold him to a missed field goal attempt. afterwards, both quarterback and the coach had a few things to say. >> you know, it was a lot 6 fun. i definitely feel like it was a lot easier, but like i said, the first one is always the touchest, but to get it out of the way and have a successful outing, get a touchdown on that drive to cap off our day really set the tone for the year. >> i'll be honest, it's a growing experience every game. you need the reps. the hardest thing for any quarterback is to get put in passing situation. i like the way he's handled himself. you can see the big play capabilities. hopefully we need on getting better. >> yeah, we get our guys back on the offensive line, it might be a whole lot better. let's talk baseballs,
6:47 pm
nationals beginning in arizona, they're looking for the seventh straight win. stephen strasburg will be on the mound. nats swept that four-game series, as we they should have, because they were playing the worst team in baseball. nats and astros, jordan zimmerman on the hill, he's won three of the last five starts, bottom of the fifth, zimmerman got brandon bard swinging, check it out. michael morse at the plate. good-bye sweet thing. crushes this one to the left. one of the two solo home runs. nats are up 3-0 now, enough for, bottom of the sixth, justin maxwell is he's up, he's down. zimmerman tossed six shutdown innings. not bad. bottom of the ninth, two on, one out, ground into the double
6:48 pm
play, don't you love a double play. nats sweep the astros with a 5-0 victory. they have won six in a row. look out now. when's the playoffs? to the links, second round of the pga championship in south carolina. that's a nice place to visit? ever been there, a lot of mosquitos, though, tiger woods -- i won't if the mosquitos bother tiger. 15th overall, stayed in contention, solid play today. weather was not as calm as yesterday. look at that wind. >> breezy. >> we begin on the 4th, long putt, going uphill, going to be dead solid, perfect. does love to do that u. just one 250i78 in his life. bogey at 8, now he's on 9. chip shot rolls -- oh, man. right to the edge of the cup and stops just short.
6:49 pm
tiger can't believe it. gravity doesn't help. he's back to .500 for the tournament. he's two shots behind carl pettersson. birdie, how about that? right into the cup. he's the leader right now. let's talk about the olympics s u.s. men's basketball team won again, 109-83 over argentina, they might get a contest on sunday, when they'll meet spain in the gold medal game. i want to tell you about a kid that lives in alexandria, virginia, his name is terrence jennings, when he was a younger kid, he loved teenage mutant ninja turtles. that led him to take up tae kwon do, a year later what started as a child's hobby thing became a serious pursuit. now reaping the rewards. do you know that boy is coming back home with a bronze medal? >> nice. >> jennings in red against a
6:50 pm
brazilian named yolo sylvan. others final round, that's not for the faint of heart. silva got a head shot on jennings. the final seconds ticked off, delivers, twisting, kick, good gracious, that connected with his head, bam, for three points. that looks like a win for me. he tells dan hellie, it's all soaking in. >> a little bit of disbelief. once they put it on my neck, it hit me, i smiled and i thought, it's real now. just to make my first olympic team and bring back hardware for the u.s. is amazing. >> reporter: a long way from the days of collecting the teenage mutant ninja turtles. >> a long way.
6:51 pm
this is just a dream come true for me. >> reporter: i saw that it was bittersweet. >> it's like a taste, of course i wanted the gold. my ultimate plan was to come here and win the gold medal. you know, i mean, i can't complain because of the simple fact it's still a medal, this is my first games, but you know, four more years, i'll be back again. >> remember that name terrence jennings and that face. you ever see that kid out on the street, do not anger him. [ laughter ] >> he will whip you. >> good advice. >> good for him. >> we're happy for him.
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well, this happened quickly. gabby douglas's accomplishment is immortalize in her native virginia beach. a mural was unveiled today on the side of the restaurant. she's holding one of her gold medals. artists started working on it monday. they finished just last night, gabby douglas won gold in the individual and team events.
6:55 pm
douglas will be on the tonight show when jay leno returns on monday night. we'll be tuned in for that. we'll see that smile a lot. >> she is so cool. out there right now taking a look at a few of the thunderstorms that really have not materialized tonight. that's very good news the i think a pretty good evening, but there will be a chance of storms overnight, but those will all be south and east of 95. 89 tomorrow, nice weather sunday and monday. really most of next week, so a pretty good period coming in for the next seven days. >> thank you, doug. >> yep. i have loved these xxx olympic games. for me it's been a wonderful experience. i'm talking about way beyond the headlines. how can you not be in awe of phelps and bolt? but i have been moved by so much more. here are just a few examples. on the down side, though, the opening ceremony, frankly, i was not all that impressed, but the
6:56 pm
fact is after that spectacle in beijing four years ago, i don't think i'll ever be impressed. again, the demographics now, nearly all my white friends couldn't get enough gymnastics and swimming. nearly all my black friends couldn't wait for track and field, mostly track. that's the way it goes. humanity of it all, i am thrilled every time an american wins gold, but i am just as excited by the level of competition i've seen whoever prevails. i couldn't care less personally about the medal count, but i am captivated by the human drama. how about pistorius on those blades? how about that masai warrior, who instead of killing a lion as is tradition, went to london and killed them all for that country? and then the surprises how many appointments have i been late for the past two weeks because of the events like the archery contest between those two young women that went to the very last
6:57 pm
arrow and was decided by inches? yesterday how about that open-water swim, a group of women going after it for six miles over two hours, taking food and drink in the water just like at nascar pit stops, and after two hours, the contest is decided by 0.4 of a second. good lord. mesmerized by archery and open-water swimming? who would have thunk it. one final note. i happened to look up at a monitor today, and saw some woman flitting around with a ribbon like this in the olympics. here's the deal. on every continent on the globe, save antarctica, there are millions of people who love to play and watch baseball, which is not an olympic sport. how many people outside of institutions have you ever seen going around like this, with a ribbon, which is an olympic sport. i'm just sayin'. now a post-script. our boss, because she's management gets to go to london,
6:58 pm
saw mary take down federer, caught to has-naked women playing in the sand, comes back yesterday and brings us this. yesterday and brings us this. not[ male announcer ] in 1996, president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check.
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and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.


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